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Channel Letters

channel letter signStop fighting with expensive channel letter companies. With Boulder Signs' Channel Letter options, we will create a sign program that fits your needs and budget. Boulder Signs offers a Channel Letter program that allows your franchise to grow and expand on a rapid fulfillment basis.

Illuminated Channel Letters are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business and capture customer attention twenty-four hours a day. Whether you choose front or halo lit, neon or LED illumination, direct or raceway mounting, we can design, build and install letters ideally suited for your location. In addition, as a UL Listed sign company, we meet rigorous quality standards and can assist in obtaining the necessary emits in any city or retail development.

channel letter signChannel letters are a type of electrical signage. The difference between channel letters and other signage types is that channel letters are dimensional. Each letter is formed individually with its own separate enclosure. Channel letters get their name from the internal "channel" contained by each letter where the letter illumination is housed. The side of a formed channel letter is called the "return" and the return is what forms the letter enclosure or channel.

Raceway mounted channel letters are attached to a long, narrow rectangular aluminum box call a raceway. The raceway contains all the electrical components such as wiring and power supplies. Instead of each individual letter mounted to the wall, the letters are mounted to the raceway which is then mounted to the building. Raceways allow for easier installation and service and can be painted to match the wall.

channel letter imageDirect/Flush Mounted channel letters, unlike raceway mounted channel letters, are attached directly to the surface of the building. The wiring is then fed through the wall to an interior cavity where the power supplies are located. Direct mounted channel letters are cleaner looking, but also require more installation time and drilling holes in to the building.


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